Best Safety Ideas For Kids

Best Safety Ideas For Kids.

Posted by Mani Kandan on Saturday 10, 2017 08:58 PM

A majority of accidents happen in the absence of rules not being followed properly and they happen by chance. These can’t be predicted. Kids are more prone to accidents than adults because of their ignorance to the subjects around them. It is a well known fact that safety begins at home. No doubt kids go to school for learning. But, it will be a good idea that parents on their part also inculcate good safety habits among kids.

American Academy of Pediatrics has released some astonishing facts which reveal the fatality among kids. For example one of the data says that 75% of children in the age group of 5 to 14 suffer death from firearm injuries, while almost every other week an infant or a toddler dye due to drowning in a bucket. About 4.5 million kids aged 14 and under, suffer fatal and nonfatal injuries at home. Now, the question arises what are the potential risks kids face and what safety ideas for kids should be followed.

The potential risks most of the kids often face are at home and outside. The risk includes through fire-arms, medications, motor vehicle, falls, fire hazardous, knives, bunk beds, stair and hallway, bikes, choking, toys, water safety viz., risk from drowning, electric shocks etc.

So what are the safety ideas for kids? There are various safety ideas for kids to be followed, in an endeavor to teach them the good habits. As a parent we can inform the child well in advance, about the outcome of the result if he/she tries to do something new. For example, if the kid is trying his/her hands on bike, we should inform to use helmet, always give hand signals while turning left or right, obey traffic rules and signals and avoid riding bike during bad weather. In case of crossing the street, we can teach the kids to look left-right-left while crossing the lane and continue checking till he/she crosses the street. While on road always obey traffic rules. During homes and outside we should inform our kids of hazardous of touching the live wires and putting hands in electric sockets etc.

There are several safety ideas for kids, if followed can help prevent accidents in totality like: try to keep away kids from hot appliances, burners and ovens, plan to avoid holding kids while carrying hot liquids, keep medicines away from the reach of kids etc.