Kid Friendly Touches To Your New Kitchen

Kid Friendly Touches To Your New Kitchen.

Posted by Mani Kandan on Tuesday 23, 2017 01:10 AM

Many of us have fond memories of helping out in the kitchen as children, even if we are not so fond of cooking these days.

If you are considering upgrading or remodeling your kitchen and you have children in the house you might want to give a thought to adding a few kid friendly elements to the new kitchen design before the work begins to ensure that everyone can enjoy the new space.

Kid Space

Add a small table or even a kitchen island you had not planned on so that the children can work on their own kitchen projects without getting underfoot while you are trying to create a culinary masterpiece.

Kid Tools

Buy a selection of unbreakable bowls, measuring cups and other kitchen essentials then designate one of the new kitchen cabinets, that will be installed at a lower height, as the kid’s kitchen tools cabinet. Let your child know that these are his or her special cooking tools. They’ll love it and your expensive cookware will be spared from accidental damage - at the hands of the kids at least.

Kid Safety

If kids are going to be in the kitchen a few common sense tweaks should be made to your kitchen remodel design to help make your new kitchen a safer place for them to hang out. Have an electrician add extra electrical outlets rather than rely on extension cords in the kitchen, which are dangerous for everyone, and ensure that the kitchen has at least one working fire extinguisher.