Safety and Hygiene Measures

Safety and Hygiene Measures

Posted by Mani Kandan on Thursday 24, 2017 10:00 PM

We stress the importance of safety and hygiene to ensure our children to learn in a safe, hygienic and neat environment where the health of students and teachers are protected. In case of community diseases outbreak, the trend will be closely monitored. Relevant measures will be made with reference to the guidelines issued by Education Bureau, Centre for Health Protection and Social Welfare Department. Parents will be informed as soon as possible.

Safety Measures:

  1. Setting up “Safety Team” to constantly check the facilities and equipment ensuring normal operation and safety; constantly check the first-aid kit ensuring all the medication and appliance are available and to renew if necessary
  2. Monthly fire drill for whole school
  3. Teachers possess first-aid certificates

Hygiene Measures:

  1. General workers constantly clean the campus, children’s beds, teaching materials, games facilities, etc.
  2. General workers constantly clean and sterilize children’s toilets and station in the toilet to assist cleaning according to children’s needs
  3. Mosquito control equipment was set up to prevent diseases brought by mosquitoes
  4. Air-purifiers are set up in the activity rooms to minimize the number of suspended particulates in the environment for protecting the health of students and teachers