Water Saving Tips For Kids & Parents

Water Saving Tips For Kids & Parents

Posted by Mani Kandan on Wednesday 23, 2017 09:30 PM

It’s a good idea to start learning how to save water at a young age. The lessons learned will carry into adulthood. Kids can surprise you with their eagerness to learn about conservation. Just a few easy tips and encouragement can go a long way. Because we care about saving our planet too, here are 8 water saving tips for teaching kids to save water.

Tip 1: Don’t Leave the Water Running

Remind children to tightly turn off faucets and avoid leaving the water running as they brush their teeth. This small action goes a long way to saving water at the sink.

Tip 2: Participate at School

Schools offer great educational programs for teaching water conservation to children. Encourage your own children to be active during these special programs so they retain as much information as possible. Reinforce their curricular activities by talking to them about what they learned.

Tip 3: Place Sprinkler Hoses on Grass

Sprinkler hoses are a popular way to cool off on hot summer days. Unfortunately this can waste a lot of water. The next best thing to do, besides not using the sprinkler hoses, is to place them on a grassy area that can use the water. This way the water is not completely wasted by flowing into a storm drain or drying out on concrete.

Tip 4: Use Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement goes a long way with kids. Making them feel proud about their actions encourages positive behavior. Turn saving water into a game and reward children for making water conscious decisions.

Tip 5: Search For Water Saving Tips

There is a wealth of tools, videos, and resources available online when it comes to saving water. Kids are already tech savvy these days and can easily look up information on their own.

Tip 6: Celebrate Earth Day

Keep an eye out for local events such as Earth Day celebrations that are designed for kids. These types of events offer all sorts of learning activities that make conservation fun. They are also a great opportunity to connect with your community.

Tip 7: Avoid Playing with Water Guns

Water guns are very popular during the summer but they are also very wasteful. They require constant refilling and it is easy to lose track of all the water being used.

Tip 8: Go to PTA Meetings

Encourage school officials to integrate educational activities about conservation by going to PTA meetings. By going to these meetings, you can make your voice heard and let school leaders know what is important to the community.

There are many more water saving tips out there so don’t stop here. Look for ways to save wherever you may be, whether it’s at home, at work, or with your kids.